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Kaiercat Natural Boar Bristles Hair Brush Pairs
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• 2" and 1.6" Diameter In Set, only $15.99 for two hair brushes, suit for whatever hair volume and whatever curling purpose.

• Reduces Frizz Professional Grade. Human scalp naturally produces oil called sebum which acts as a protector for hair. The boar bristles help to spread this sebum around to lubricate each of your hair strands which reduces frizz. • For Smooth Finishing and Quick Drying. Enhances Shine with Natural Boar Bristles. Anti-static, Anti-bacterial, Highly heat resistant.

• Prevents Oil Build-Up:By spreading this sebum oil around each hair strand and from the roots to the ends of your hair you can prevent oil from building up and giving your scalp a greasy look.

• Stimulates Scalp: The boar bristles can give you a head massage while brushing which feels great on your head. This also helps to improve blood flow on your scalp.

• Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic brush handle is made of a strong and durable natural wood that will last for many years. The polished natural wood handle provides the most comfort for the hand while styling.