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26" Long Straight Real Thick Full Head 17 Color 18 Clips Clip in Hair Extensions
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• Long Straight Hair Extensions 26" Maroon Mix Dark Red,Brand: S-noilite

• There are 18 clips on the top of the extensions, easy to attach and take care

• Ship by UPS Mail Innovations, Fast Delivery(2-5 Business Days)

• 8pcs per a package. 8 Pieces with 18 clips (One Piece 6.5" Wide Weft - 4Clips Per Weft; Two Piece 4.8" Wide Weft - 3Clips Per Weft; Two Piece 3.5" Wide Weft - 2Clips Per Weft; One Piece 2.5" Wide Weft - 2Clips Per Wef; Two Piece 1.2" Wide Weft - 1Clips Per Weft)

• Easy to wash and care-Just need a little mild shampoo and hair conditioner then washing in lukewarm water ,then set on a flat towel and let them naturally dry, we don not suggest blow-dry it, curl it ,dye it or wear it when sleeping

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