How it works?

punched makes couponing great again. Score crazy savings in a Punch-Out Deal or compete against other punchers in a Knockout Deal for bigger prizes.

What can I choose

Punch-Out Deals.

Pick a deal, any deal, and then use your 90's arcade style boxing glove to fill up as much of your punch card as you can. If you out punch us, you could win a bigger deal.

Knockout Deals.

This is where the deals get real. Our multiplayer events pit you against up to 1,000 other coupon hunters to compete for a hot product at an even hotter price.


Check out the deals we're offering that week and the game schedule, then sign up to play.


As with any official sports league, you need to pre-register to play.


Make sure you are logged in and ready to go a few minutes before the game is set to start.


When it's gametime, punch until your punches or time run out.


The board is bigger than it looks, so keep scrolling to find more holes to punch.


You might win a mega deal, or a secret treasure, but you'll always leave with gold in your pocket.

So what did I win

Grand prize winners.

There will only be a select number of grand prize winners for each of our multiplayer games.

Exclusive Coupons & Brand Rebates

If you’re a champion, you'll win an exclusive coupon code or a brand rebate. What’s the difference? Coupons discount the product before you purchase while a rebate puts the cash back in your pocket after checkout.


Even if you didn't win big this time around, you might find smaller treasures as your punch, which you can collect and use to your advantage in the future.

Weapons Shop.

Use your treasures to redeem weapons from the weapons shop.

Each weapon has a special effect (no, we're not telling you what they are) that will help you knock out the competition. Weapons can be redeemed on the deal page before the punching begins.

Claim Your Bounty.

If you’ve scored a win, congrats!

To use your coupon code: follow the link provided and enter it at checkout on the third-party site to score your deal.

To get your brand rebate: enter your order number on your profile and cash out via PayPal.

How To Redeem Coupons.


Follow the Buy Now link.


Add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout.


Enter your coupon code in the box when prompted.


Place your order.

How To Redeem Brand Rebates.


Follow the Buy Now link.


Add the item to your cart and check out.


Copy and past the order number onto your profile.


Submit a payout request on your profile.

1... 2... 3...
and start punching!