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I just tried to use my coupon code on a different site than the one you linked me to, and it’s not working, and I don’t understand.

Your coupon codes are exclusive to the designated website for the designated product. That means even if you find that product elsewhere, your code won’t work on that site.


You don’t have any deals left for the product that I wanted. But I still want a deal.

And deals you shall have! We offer brand new, exciting deals on at least a weekly basis, so keep checking back. There may be something similar or even a repeat of a deal you wanted but missed.


Why can’t I stop punching? Should I be concerned? I’m concerned.

Deep breaths. Being a Punched addict is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is it cause for concern. It is, in fact, a healthy addiction, as saving money is a constructive habit. We are here for you if you need to talk. You can visit our Facebook page and join a supportive community of Punched enthusiasts who understand what you’re going through.


I got a little aggressive with my punches and now my house looks like a borderline hoarder home. How do I return a product?

All of our products are shipped through the third-party site from which you made your purchase. If you need to return a product, the best way to do so is through their specific return process.


I have Spamaphobia. Is it worth subscribing to Punched’s emails?

Have you ever walked past a store with a line of people waiting out the door and thought to yourself, “What do they know that I don’t?” We only send emails to keep you in the loop about awesome savings, so you never have to settle for anybody’s leftovers. No spam, we promise.


I have an elaborate countdown planned for my package. How can I track my order?

We’ve got the deals, but the participating websites provide the tracking info. Check the site where you redeemed your coupon to plan your countdown. We hope there’s a piñata involved.


Things change. Can I cancel or edit an order I recently placed?

Contact the website you ordered from ASAP, and they’ll do their best to help you out.


I want ten of all these great deals. Can I win multiple coupon codes for the same products?

We love that you love Punched, but sharing is caring and we need to spread the savings around. As of now, you can only win one coupon code for each product available on Punched.


These brand rebates rock, but why can’t I payout everything I’ve won? What is my withdrawal limit and how can I increase it?

Your withdrawal limit is the amount of cash you can payout per month. This limit increases as you redeem more brand rebates. To increase your withdrawal limit, continue to redeem brand rebates or email your phone number to

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